Why you should shop with us

Although we may sell things that make us look rather playful, our business model is not to be taken lightheartedly (; 

Hassle Free & Fast Delivery

We never have and never will sacrifice fast and reliable shipping in exchange for a bigger profit, you can be assured no better shipping option will be used for your purchase


Quality Assured

We take great pride in knowing that what you purchase has been chosen through a thorough search for only the highest standard of supplier

To ensure a premium service we purposefully only sell a select number of items, we are a start up store and believe in walking before we can run... 


Unrivalled Customer Service

The House of Wolf is built on an understanding of what you need and how it needs to be fulfilled, we will always be happy to help you


Get to know the team, stop by for a quick chat or ask as many questions as you like about our products 1 to 1 through our social media DMs or email us directly at Contact@TheHouseOfWolf.com