'1 To 1' KDP/eBook/Digital Downloads- Lesson & Mentoring W/Christopher Ryan

'1 To 1' KDP/eBook/Digital Downloads- Lesson & Mentoring W/Christopher Ryan

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 Before we begin I will ask you to agree to a disclaimer that you will not hold myself accountable for any losses or damages and that this is not professional advice, refunds will not be given once we begin sharing information, there are no guarantees of money earned/success nor is anything I say to be taken as financial advice. This is a customary practice throughout mentoring and paid lessons so please don't be put off by thisif you come to me with a goal I will make it my absolute priority to help get you there

What's Included? 

  • Each of these will be tailored to you and you only, I choose not to use courses due to my confidence that 1 to 1's are incredibly more valuable
  • 1 to 1 chat through Text/Emails/Voicenotes etc about your goals, budget, passions, and your personal knowledge about KDP and eBooks- until my research for you has been finished, you can ask me anything you like and I will assist you to the best of my knowledge
  • Fundamentals of Selling on Amazon KDP
  • Your Niche Researched (Using Paid & Free Tools)
  • Analytics (Competition, Keyword Research)
  • Help with Designing Interiors + Exteriors
  • How to use Word & Google Docs and How To Format
  • Assisting With Creating Your KDP Listing
  • AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)
  • Design tools (Paid & Free) For Designing Covers, Journals, etc
  • Psychology plays a remarkable role in business and I will teach you how to take full advantage of this with some incredibly useful methods, such as helping with book covers and what you can be charging

  • How To Overcome Writer's Block

  • How To Stay Motivated

  • Expected/realistic income when compared against competition and demand with data to give proof to what I say + my opinion of what the best alternative would be depending on your budget + the best markets to sell on 

  • Advanced Paid Marketing Sources (Networks, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Help with advertising/marketing, where to begin, targeting, keywords, data of cost of ad networks, pixels, types of advertising, demographics, etc.
  • Advanced Free (Organic) Marketing Sources & How To Use Them Efficiently
  • Where to Sell/Giveaway Your eBook & Digital Download
  • All of This is Designed to Teach You What to Use & How to Use it For Creating Something Truly Remarkable



I aim to have your report finished within 2 days- During this time you may ask me anything you like 


Who is This For:

  • Aspiring Authors
  • New and Self Published Authors
  • Those Looking For a 2nd Income
  • Artists looking to capitalize on their passion
  • Those who know they'd like to start writing but don't know where to start



I am not a financial advisor and none of what I say should be used as absolute guidance, nor can I guarantee any success. that said I have been incredibly successful with my side incomes and business ventures and I'm confident I can assist you in what you are hoping to accomplish. I'm a very serious man when it comes to business, don't expect any nonsense, dishonesty, or BS info, there's no time like the present and I'm not a fan of wasting that, 

 if you have any queries please send me an email at contact@thehouseofwolf.com 

How Will You Communicate?

First communication will be made over email shortly after purchase and we shall go from there to whichever you are most comfortable with-Please note that refunds are not given once we begin exchanging information   

Whatsapp, messenger, telegram, email, voice notes- these are the 5 communication methods I am able to use with you- If you have another preference then please don't hesitate to let me know- Your final report will be sent through whichever method you prefer


Why don't you sell courses?

This is a common question and as tempting as it is to write pages of generic information onto a Word document and charge an absurd amount, it simply isn't beneficial enough to the individual. Every single person is in a different situation and therefore each scenario and all options should be looked at with that in mind